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We aim to help you find a solution to any problems you may have involving steel. We offer all types of services – we are both a conventional steel distributor that can supply you with raw material cut to size, and, at the other end of the spectrum, we can produce machined and thermally processed components to your specifications. Our machinery comprises ultra-modern sawing systems, conventional lathes and drilling benches as well as center hole drilling machines. For further processes such as deep hole drilling, peeling and heat treatment we work closely with other expert companies.



Sawing of engineering steel

We can produce individual items and small batch series as well as mass produce components within a very short period of time on more than 20 ultra-modern sawing machines. Furthermore we do not limit our services to our own stock, but are also happy to saw your material for you. Moreover, on request we produce special flat and square sections made from round steel.

  • round steel bars up to a diameter of 1,000 mm
  • flat and square bars with edge lengths up to 1,000 mm
  • piece weights up to 20 t
  • rod lengths up to 14 m



Bohren von Edelbaustahl

On our three drilling benches we can centrically drill sawn, pre-cut parts with internal diameters ranging from 22.5-300 mm. Because changing tools only takes a few minutes, we are able to produce single items and small batch series quickly and economically. An overview of drill diameters and maximum piece lengths is available in our Drilling list.

  • internal diameters from 22.5-300 mm
  • external diameters up to 1,000 mm
  • piece lengths up to 690 mm
  • piece weights up to 2 t



Steel bars on the lathe

We use conventional lathes to assist you in initial processing. We focus on rough turning along the entire rod length, contour turning according to drawing specifications and face turning for large diameter material.

  • rod material ≤ 520 mm
  • rod lengths ≤ 7.5 m and piece weights ≤ 10 t
  • single pieces ≤ 775 mm on request
  • machining accuracy of external diameter -0/+1 mm



Centering a bar of engineering steel

We have various centering devices that enable us to drill center holes in one or both sides of sawn parts. That means you can place the raw material you source from us straight onto your machine without wasting valuable time!

  • DIN 332 type D – center holes with a center thread M5-M36
  • DIN 332 type B – center holes in all standard dimensions without thread
  • with or without countersinking



Steel must be properly heated so that it meets specifications. Heating can alter mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, impact energy and surface hardness, and also improve the grain structure and machinability. This is achieved through processes such as quenching and tempering, hardening, tempering, soft annealing, normal annealing, normalizing, stress-relief annealing and hot straightening.

Our stock has already undergone different heat treatment processes at the production site, depending on the grade. If you require more extensive treatment, we use the services of specialist heat treatment and hardening shops to offer you the entire spectrum of heat treatment processes. If you regularly require certain materials with specific mechanical properties we will procure it directly from the steel plant according to your specifications and store it on your behalf, saving you time and money!



We can process piece lengths up to a maximum of 690 mm on our three drilling benches. For pieces longer than this, we us the services of companies specialized in deep hole drilling. Their services include drilling centric and eccentric holes as well as blind holes. Internal diameters range from 18 mm to 850 mm. Holes can be drilled in all of our products – in other words, in external diameters up to 1,000 mm, piece weights up to 20 t and rod lengths up to 14 m. To achieve strict tolerance and surface specifications, it is possible to hone the material after drilling. Please feel free to ask us for the best solution!



The vast majority of our rolled materials and dimensions have a black surface normed to DIN EN 10060. If you require material with narrower surface tolerances or a special dimension that is not in stock, we can also supply you with bright steels to DIN EN 10278. We send our product to specialists to be peeled, polished, ground and/or chamfered. We are also happy to source bright steels directly from the steel plant and hold them in stock on your behalf, to fill any recurring orders at short notice.

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